Our Mission | Addicts Helpline


Our mission is to provide excellent personalized treatment to each and every client. Our caring and compassionate staff directly interacts with clients respectfully and honestly. We provide a safe and therapeutic environment conducive to change and recovery, and employ a high staff-to-client ratio to ensure the clients receive individualized treatment.

Your Recovery

The professionals at Addict’s Helpline believe that recovery is indeed possible for everyone, although it does not happen overnight. Time and the willingness to start life anew are the keys to successful recovery. Our programs provide our clients with a comprehensive continuum of care, from detox to a return to community living. This includes learned coping skills, addition trigger identification, and the supportive framework needed to completely uphold sobriety.

Our program variety allows us to individualize treatment to each client. This customization allows us to help clients take the steps needed in every phase of recovery.