Are you looking for information on drug Related Crimes? Drug abuse is widespread in today’s world, even though most people never abuse them in the open. Most people, especially the youth, abuse drugs in one way or another. To curb the rate of drug abuse in the society, the state legislatures have drafted laws that turn all the activities related to drug abuse into crimes. We will discuss some five common types of drug-related crimes.

1. Drug Dealing

Dealing refers to the selling of illegal drugs on a lesser scale. You should not confuse dealing with trafficking since these two are defined differently from one state to another. Since drug dealing consists of a few individuals selling drugs in small amounts, the penalty is less severe compared to those selling drugs in more substantial amounts?

2. Drug Possession

Possessing an illegal drug is also prohibited. The laws on possession of drug differ from one state to another, depending on the quantity and the drug type. A person found in possession of a prohibited drug may be convicted with possession only or with the possession with the intention of distributing the drug. Possession only is usually for individuals found with small quantities of drugs while large amounts of a drug could lead to being charged with drug possession with the intention of distributing. Penalties for this type of charges are usually harsher. Drug paraphernalia laws may also be included in the drug possession charges as well.

3. Drug Trafficking

It’s illegal to import, transport or sell any illegal drugs like cocaine and marijuana. Drug distribution and trafficking laws consider drug distribution and trafficking as a more severe crime than just dealing and possessing drugs. This is because it involves the smuggling and transportation of vast amounts of drugs. If you’re found in possession of large quantities of illegal drugs, you may make police believe that you intended to vend the illegal drugs and you’ll end up being charged with trafficking. Drug trafficking sentences can be anywhere from three years to life imprisonment.

4. Drug Delivery/Manufacturing

An individual may be convicted with manufacturing of drug if he/she takes part in any production step of the illegal drug. Supplying and delivering illegal drugs is also treated as a crime under state and federal laws. If convicted of drug delivery and manufacturing, a person could face hefty fines with a long prison time. However, Marijuana manufacturing and cultivation is treated differently in some states because marijuana is used for personal and medical procedures.

5. Possession of Paraphernalia Drug

Drug paraphernalia refers to any equipment used in preparing, inhaling, injecting, smoking or storing illegal drugs. Paraphernalia also refers to the equipment used in concealing or producing illegal drugs. According to the law, it’s illegal to import, sell, export any paraphernalia associated with illegal drugs. This paraphernalia includes Bongs, rolling papers, pipes, syringes etc.

Although most drug paraphernalia is made to resemble equipment that’s designed for legal purposes. This is why one is charged with possessing an illegal drug paraphernalia depending how thaw item looks, the contents and where you purchased it.

For most parts of the world, the law is intolerant of drug abuse. Whether your trafficking, possession or any other drug-related activities, be sure one day that you’ll suffer. Additionally, the laws as mentioned above apply also to prescription drugs that aren’t obtained through a doctor’s prescription.