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Seeking drug or alcohol rehabilitation may be one of the best decisions you will ever make. However, for many people, out-of-pocket costs are a major deterrent. Fortunately many insurance companies can help save the day by covering much of the cost of rehab.

Commercial insurance often pays for most or all of the costs of rehabilitation. Many carriers operate on the fundamental belief that those who need help with addiction recovery should be able to receive it, regardless of income.

The following carriers with help paying for the cost of substance abuse treatment:

United Health Group
Blue Cross Blue Shield

Doing Rehab Right

It’s not uncommon for addicts and alcoholics to quit using substances on their own. However, many also fail when they try to do it alone. This can lead to a downward spiral of abstinence and relapse, and increases the risk of overdose. it also perpetuates the addict’s feelings of hopelessness, as they continually fail, and begin to ascertain the real possibility that they simply cannot do it.

If you can receive free or low cost treatment, why would you turn it down? Health insurance makes this an option.

Affordable Professional Monitoring

Commercial health insurance can ensure you receive the best care on your path to recovery. By covering most or all of the cost, professional staff can design and implement the most appropriate treatment strategies, and you will not have to be concerned about how much they will cost. This includes detoxification, all aspects the treatment program, and outpatient services.

Florida Rehab is Possible with Insurance

Fortunately, drug or alcohol addiction do not have to be a death sentence. Recovery is always possible. Call and speak to a representative at your commercial insurance company, as well as the rehab treatment center to begin planning for future recovery.