AETNA | Addicts Helpline


There’s little doubt that admitting you have a substance abuse problem is both terrifying and life-changing. Some say it is the hardest part of the process. However, when you consider the work that has to be done to fully recover, that seems unlikely. Also, barriers to treatment, such as cost, can hinder your ability to receive and pay for the treatment needed. One of the ways to remove that barrier is to have Aetna health insurance which will fully or partially cover the cost of rehabilitation.

The Aetna Legacy Past and Present

Founded in 1853, Aetna is one of the oldest insurance companies in existence. Their mission has always been to provide innovative, effective healthcare for individuals, families, and employers.

When the Medicare Advantage Plan launched in 2014, Aetna has seen an 18% member growth rate  Currently, they estimate their customer base at 46 million persons. In addition, 40% of Aetna’s healthcare premiums are for government businesses.

Aetna Insurance Can Help You Afford Rehabilitation

If you have Aetna health insurance, call and speak to a representative if you have any questions about your coverage for drug and alcohol addiction. They can help determine how much, if any, your out-of-pocket costs will be. Then, initiate contact Addict’s Helpline to help you determine what treatment you can afford. After an assessment, a customized treatment plan can then be developed which will meet both your income and treatment needs.

Do the Right Thing for Your Health

Very often, people looking to recover from addiction try to do it themselves. Trying to detox, abstain, and avoid relapse is a very difficult endeavor all on your own. If you have insurance which can help you pay for the costs of your treatment, there is no reason to not take advantage of this fact. Detox and treatment in a qualified facility is much easier and safer than doing it alone.