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Each year, millions of Americans come forward and admit to needing drug or alcohol rehabilitation. Many of these persons will enter residential treatment programs, and embark on a new life free of the burden of addiction. This decision may be tempered by the uncertainty of how one will go about paying the hearty costs of quality treatment. Cigna health insurance can help cover these costs, ensuring the client is free to engage in a treatment plan which will be comprehensive and effective.

Affording Addiction Treatment

Finding affordable addiction treatment is not hard if you have an insurance company who will help you with paying for services. In many cases, treatment may be covered 100%. In other cases, partial funding may be available to offset at least some of the cost.

Who is Cigna Health Insurace?

Cigna is one of the largest and best-known insurance companies in the United States. It offers both Medicaid and Medicare, which vastly increases their scope of services.

  • Averages over $32 billion in revenue annually
  • 35,000+ employees worldwide
  • 80 million customer relationships globally
  • Receives $11.1 million from charitable contributions

Cigna Helps People with Rehabilitation

Cigna health insurance assists persons to receive treatment for drug or alcohol abuse by paying for costs which would otherwise cripple an individual’s budget.┬áCost one of the major barriers for persons who are seeking evidence-based, personalized┬átreatment for themselves.

Having commercial health insurance such as Cigna effectively removes this barrier to treatment. Moreover, anyone, regardless of income, has the opportunity to receive this assistance and change their lives forever. It is a huge opportunity for those who suffer from addiction. Many persons try to fight the addiction by themselves. Unfortunately, this often ends in relapse and further feelings of helplessness. Cigna health insurance can make all this difference by enabling addicts and alcoholics to receive the very best treatment.