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UnitedHealth Group Commercial Health Insurance

Quality addition rehabilitation can be expensive and requires costs be paid in full. Most people cannot afford to pay these costs out of pocket. Fortunately, UnitedHealth Group will partially or fully cover many substance abuse treatment programs. This allows persons access to care which they may otherwise be unable to afford.

UnitedHealth Group and Optum

UnitedHealth Group is well known for offering clients the best quality, most effective healthcare services. Together with Optum, they cooperate to produce an innovative and sustainable healthcare system for millions of persons in the United States and elsewhere.

UnitedHealth Group at a Glance:

  • Serves 85 million+ clients
  • Serves all 50 states, and 125+ countries
  • Received over $130 billion in revenue in 2014
  • Ranks No. 14 in Fortune 500®, and named “World’s Most Admired Company” in the Insurance and Managed Care sector, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 by Fortune Magazine
  • Member of the Dow Jones Industrial Average

UnitedHealth Group and Rehab

If you have UnitedHealth Group, it can help pay for your personalized treatment program, Therefore, make sure that your choice of rehab centers accept this insurance.

The staff at Addict’s Helpline understands that addiction recovery is an ongoing process, and does not happen overnight. It takes time, as well as the willingness to embark on a journey that will, at times, be uncomfortable, but will ultimately change your life. Our drug and alcohol treatment programs provide clients with a full scope of care, ranging from initial detoxification, to comprehensive treatment, and a return to community living.

We offer a variety of drug and alcohol rehab treatments, so we are able to customize the treatment plan to each individual and his or her needs. All programs are designed to identify addiction triggers and teach practical and useful coping mechanisms. By personalizing our programs, we are able to assist clients in developing their own path to recovery.