Residential Treatment | Addicts Helpline


Personalized client care is the primary focus of our drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs. All advantageous aspects of clinical care are used in this intensive multi-therapeutic approach. Clients are encouraged to participate in individual, group, and recreational therapies. The treatment plan is designed by our professional staff to meet the client’s needs and ensure optimal results.

Our Residential Rehab Programs Offer Recovery Solutions

Our staff strives to develop an in-depth and personal relationship with each client. This allows us to create effective solutions to substance abuse and mental health issues. Care plans are catered to each client’s specific needs and goals. We understand that continuation of recovery requires a functional and personal environment, and that all clients should be given the best opportunity for recovery.

Residential Rehab Programs Include:

Multi-Therapeutic Approach

We utilize professional education on a variety of therapies. This allows us to find the most appropriate solution for each client. Treatments include individual and group therapies, psycho-educational information, and more.

Individualized Treatment Planning

Substance abuse is best overcome when we have an understanding of the underlying causes of addiction, and how addiction physically and mental functions in our body. Individualized treatment planning allows assessment and evaluation of each client, with intent to discover the causes and effects of addiction. It is these causes and effects that need to be treated, simultaneously and in appropriate relationship to the other.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Very often, mental illness contributes to addiction. Thus, treating the mental disorder aside from the addiction is necessary to prevent relapse. Behavioral therapies and medication management are available for those with co-occurring disorders, in effort to treat the underlying causes of substance use as well as the addiction.

Therapy Options Involving Family and Friends

We believe that an individual’s recovery process is highly influenced by the presence and support of family and friends. In addition, loved ones need education apart from the individual. Family and friends can be involved throughout the process, with unification that will assist to┬árepair broken relationships damaged by addiction.