Family and Friends | Addicts Helpline


Therapy for friends and family is necessary because addiction affects the lives of those around the addicted, not just the addict himself. Addicts and alcoholics can be notoriously selfish, deceptive, and place their addiction over the emotional needs of others. Pain, suffering, distrust, and guilt are often the result.

Wounds caused by addiction can be deep and wide, and without mending these wounds, the addict is placed in a position of non-support. A lack of support and the difficulties it causes will often render the addict feeling hopeless, and relapse becomes a very immediate threat. In addition, loved ones also deserve to heal from the emotional and mental strain of caring for an addict.

Family Therapy Options

The staff at Addict’s Helpline understand that the support of family and friends is essential for the recovery process. In addition to support, education regarding dependence and addiction is provided to those individuals who want to understand the both addict’s motivations and the disease.

Within the very first week, communication is established between the therapist and family. Visitations, as appropriate, are scheduled via telephone or in person, and interactions can take place between the client, therapist, and family. These sessions evolve, and eventually the reintegration of client with family is one of the ending goals of rehab.

Friends and Family Therapy is Essential forĀ Rebuilding After Recovery

When family and friends are allowed to address addiction together, the addict feels the love and support needed to guide them through this difficult process. It also assists both the addict and his or her loved ones to recover from the damage that the addiction has caused. It is a step toward rebuilding a life and relationships which have been destroyed by substance abuse.