Individualized Rehab Program

All drug and alcohol addictions act in a similar manner on the physical and mental well-being of the individual. However, substance abuse is also a very personal condition, and there will be variances in the causes and effects of addiction in each individual. Staff strive to learn as much about the client and his or her condition(s) as possible. This knowledge is necessary to provide the most personalized and effective care available.Goal-setting is one way that clients are able to interact with their own therapy and recovery.

Heavy Focus on the Causes of Addiction

Causes of addiction may range from mental health issues, to traumatic life circumstances, to individual motivations and self-esteem. The goal of an individualized program is to identify the causes of addiction and treat them accordingly. Highly-trained professional evaluate and design personal treatment plans with this goal in mind.

Individual Therapy Sessions

Individual therapy is required to gain insight into the client and the addiction, and also to foster personal growth and development. Board-certified addictions counselors are highly professional, but also seek to form comfortable associations with clients. During this time, treatment plan progress will be discussed. This helps maintain a wide-open communication between the client and the attending staff. It also ensures the client is active in his or her own treatment.

Substance Abuse Treatment Plans Including Mental Health Treatment

As noted, trauma and mental health issues are common to addicts and alcoholics. These issues can be treated simultaneously, ensuring that the client will not exit recovery without having the causal factors of his or her addiction addressed. Issues that qualify as co-occurring disorders include PTSD, depression, anxiety, and others.