Relapse Prevention | Addicts Helpline


Relapse prevention is just as important to recovery as the initial treatment program itself. Relapsing back into addiction after treatment is indeed common, but need not be so. Special tools and coping skills are required to maintain sobriety in the face of triggers, long after professional treatment has been rendered.

There is no question – relapse can be a major setback, and subsequently life can seem hopeless. Although you should never give up on recovery, having an understanding of relapse prevention can help you avoid these setbacks and maintain sobriety.

Competent Staff

Additionally, our health professionals understand that relapse is a terrifying event, and therefore, we want our clients to be well- prepared and informed when the inevitable temptations arise. In a world where alcohol is legal and drugs may be easily procured, it is essential to identify and learn how to deal with associations and addiction stimuli.

Our staff is highly knowledgeable on the most current evidence-based practices including cognitive behavioral and holistic therapies,. We are able to teach you coping mechanisms and trigger identification, which are important key skills in preventing relapse.

Because every client is different, our professional take the time to assess histories and lifestyle to establish a list of triggers. The ability to overcome these triggers will set the foundation for success at achieving long-term sobriety.