How do you know you are addicted to prescription painkillers? There are several things you can take note to know you are addicted. For instance, in most cases you will keep on thinking about the painkillers even if you are not in pain. The pain killers have active ingredients such as stimulants and opiates which tend to be addictive. Even if you have been addicted, you should not shy away. You need to share the information with other people close to you or seek medical attention and you will be helped to manage the condition. Addicts Helpline knows how easy help can be; you can visit your doctor or even contact online help forums where you can get connected to a professional who will guide you on how to manage the condition. Here are some of the signs you can see to know whether you are addicted to painkillers:

Frequent Requests to have Refills from Physicians

When you are addicted, you will not like to stay without the medication. You will tend to think a lot about the medication and you will tend to request for refill even if the bottles are yet to be empty. If you are looking on how to know whether you are addicted, then check on the way you keep on requesting for refill, if the refill delays, you will tend to be stressed as if you will not live without the refills. If you notice you are too much concerned about the painkillers even when you are not yet in pain, then you need to check out because it is one of the symptoms you are about to get addicted or you are already addicted to the prescription painkillers.

Losing Prescriptions and Requesting Doctors Replacements Regularly

The prescription painkillers will come with instructions on how to use them. When you are addicted, you will tend to use a lot of the pills. You will even end up taking overdose so that you can realize the effects of the painkillers more. If you are among those who keep on requesting your doctor to offer you the prescription regularly due to running out of stock before the next period when you are supped to collect your dosage, then it is a clear sign you are overusing the drugs which is a sign of addiction. When you are almost becoming addicted, you will tend to use overdose or even take the painkillers more often than recommended. To obtain more pills, you will keep on requesting the doctors for refill. Remember the pills should be taken as per your dosage. If you are among those who will not adhere to the dosage, then there is a problem. You are using too much of the pills which can expose you to the dangers of addiction.

Stealing Prescription Medication from People Close to You

When you become addicted to the prescription drugs, you will like to use them no matter what. If your stock has run short, you can even steal those which were prescribed to your family members. In some cases, people can even end up stealing drugs which were meant for their co-workers. Stealing the drugs from co-workers can happen in workplace where you tend to look for the drug and misuse them. It is necessary to seek help if you are under the category of stealing the medication from other people. It can easily expose you to side effects which will be hard to deal with later in your life.

Consuming Prescriptions much Faster than Indicated

When you are almost becoming addicted, you will tend to use the drugs faster than they should be applied. The effects of the drugs tend to be less as you become addicted. In such a case, you will tend to consume more so that you can have the desired effects. There are even other people who have overused the drugs to an extent where they put their lives in danger. If you discover you are applying the drugs more than they should be used, then you need to be careful because you may end up overdoing it which will expose you to different health complications.

Visiting Multiple Doctors for the Same Conditions

Some prescription painkillers will require the attention of a doctor before you can access them. When you are addicted, you will like to have as many of the pills as possible within a short period. Doctors will not agree to prescribe to you such medication because they know their effects on your body when misused. In such a case, you will realize people will tend to visit different doctors so that they can be offered the prescription. They fail to reveal their visit to other doctors so that the doctors can innocently prescribe to them more pills. They tend to offer inconsistent answers about the medication they are using so that they can access more pills which they will use to meet their addiction needs.

Stealing or Forging Prescriptions

There are times when people affected with addiction will like to access more prescription painkillers, but they realize they will not access it without proper doctor’s prescription. In such a case, they tend to forge the prescription and present to the pharmacies where they are sold the drugs so that they can go and misuse it. If you have reached an extent where you can forge the prescription, then you are heading to a wrong path.

Ordering Prescription Medications Online

There are some online pharmacies which sell prescription drugs. Some people who are addicted will not like to visit local pharmacies where they may be asked questions related to their health conditions. They tend to order the prescription painkillers online so that they can access them without any question and use them to satisfy their addiction. Buying the drugs online is easy because it is not a must for you to provide the right information before the pills can be solved to you. Provided you have money, many online sellers will let you access the prescription drugs which you can misuse. How can you know you are addicted to prescription painkillers? Here at Addicts Helpline we have shared the above signs will let you know whether you have been addicted. You need to research on the Information concern the signs and take necessary measures to stop the addiction.