Like other drugs, flakka is blamed for the outrageous crimes committed by addicts. It’s a dangerous synthetic drug that has become a famous substance of abuse in the last few years. Flakka is now sweeping through different states in the United States and Florida is no exception. Some people call it t “a zombie drug” as it is perceived to produce a zombie’s characteristics when used.

Though the long-term impact is somewhat milder than other drugs, it does not mean that abusing flakka is justifiable. Studies have also shown that long-term flakka use can lead to psychological problems and adolescents who abuse it are also likely to abuse other harmful drugs concurrently.

Several severe cases of flakka addiction have been reported in detox centers. Treatments for flakka abuse are similar to other substance abuse drugs. It is an equal threat like any other drug abuse.

Treatment of Flakka Florida addicts is done in a way similar to other addicts in many detox centers.

Some of the key treatment procedures for flakka addiction include:

Cognitive behavioral therapy: This is one of the most widely used treatments for people with flakka addiction. It is a type of psychotherapy wherein a person is taught self-control, address problematic behavior and how to stop using drugs and flakka. It also looks into any underlying condition for the abuse.

Motivation therapy: This therapy is not the actual treatment, but sessions on motivation and mobilizing and harnessing inner strengths of a person. These sessions are immensely helpful for a person from other perspectives as well. An addict gains sufficient insight into the web of addiction and gradually moves towards recovery.

Contingency management: In this procedure, there is constant monitoring of the patient and regular positive reward is allotted whenever the desired action is achieved by the addict. This helps the addict in staying motivated and dissuades from going back to the old habits.

Medication: As of now, there is no medication for treating Flakka Florida addicts. However, it may become available in the future because of a fast-paced ongoing research on the subject. It is observed that flakka addicts suffer from sleep deprivation and hence medicines that induce sleep might be introduced in the future. Moreover, nutrient deficiency is another issue with flakka addicts. So, administering nutrients could be another possibility.

What are the effects of flakka?

Like other synthetic based drugs, its effects differ from individual to individual. The most common are:
Euphoric or out-of-body experience
‘Superhuman’ strength
Intense aggression
Psychotic outbursts

Current flakka Situation

Flakka is much cheaper than heroin. Also, it’ has been linked to attacks, scores which results in the DEA planning to ban flakka completely.

How to check you kids for flakka

Because of its easy availability, the chances of flakka abuse are higher than other drugs. So, always keep a close watch if you have adolescent children at home. Check their belongings regularly and ensure nothing fishy is found in their possession. Talk to them like friends as it will help you dig out any information which they might be hiding from you. Be loving and caring to them and they will open up more to you. It is better to intervene at the right juncture than to discover much later when the problem escalates and compounds.

Dealing with Flakka addiction

Flakka addiction is a major concern all over the world, especially in Florida, the U.S. Whether it’s a drug prescription abuse or addiction of any form is bad. The main problem with addiction is that it affects not only the addicts but also their friends and family members especially their parents.

With timely intervention, Flakka addiction is treatable in the treatment center with quality services. Hence, in case you have an addict in your home, don’t hesitate to contact Drug Addiction centers to get the best drug addiction treatment in your area.