Why are Legal Opioids legal? You may be wondering why the opioids are legal, yet they are prohibited in some cases. The opioids consist of a group of drugs which are illegal, but they are allowed for use under certain circumstances. For instance, you will find them applied to treat different types of pain. The drugs are effective pain relievers, but you should only use them under doctor’s prescription. Our team at Addicts Helpline knows they may be available in different brand names. To know the type of opioid you are about to use, it is necessary to check on the packs. There are cases where they are combined to offer great pain reliving effects among other areas. Here is a list of legal opioids which are applied to treat different health conditions:


It is a drug which comes in tablet which is a used to treat chronic pain. There are also some forms which come in forms of injections. There are different brand names given to the opioid drugs. You can find it in over the counter under names such as Belbuca, a buccal film, Probuphine, Butrans, Buprenex among other forms. If you suffer from pain which require around the clock attention, then you need to get the help from a doctor who can administer the drugs. They are effective in managing chronic pain. Normal painkillers may fail to help you get rid of the pain problem, but the drugs are very effective in helping you manage pain.


The information available about the drug reveals that it is only available in generic form. You can apply it as a nasal spray to get rid of different types of pain. You can as well use injectable which are offered by a professional health care provider. It is also effective in treating acute pains.

Codeine Sulfate

It is an oral tablet which is used to treat pain. Addicts Helpline, we suggest consulting a Doctor. Doctors can apply it to treat mild to even moderate pain. You may have come across the drug if you have been injured in an accident. Research has been carried out to prove the drug is very effective in treating pain. You can apply it in your daily life to get rid of different forms of pain.


It can come in oral lozenges and injectable which can be given to a patient by a trained healthcare provider. There are several brand names which can be used to refer to the drug. Some of the common brand names include the following: Fentora, Actiq, Lazanda, Abstral, Subsys, Duragesic aomogn others. If you have a health condition which requires medical attention all round the clock, then the drug can be administered to help you get rid of the pain. It is an effective pain killer which can be applied to manage pain where normal painkiller has failed. In some cases, it is applied to manage cancer pain.

Hydrocodone Bitartrate

The opioid drug is available in the following names Zohydro ER, Hysingla ER, Vantrela ER among other names. The main use of the drug is to treat chronic pain. There are some people who suffer injuries when in sports and the injury ends up becoming chronic. To manage their pain, you can apply the drug.


It comes in oral solutions which you can apply to manage pain. We here at Addicts Helpline know there are also some forms which come in form of oral tablet. Rectal suppository can be as well applied to treat the pain. People who need close attention due to chronic pain can benefit a lot from the application of the drug.

Levorphanol Tartrate

It is a generic drug which contains opioids. The oral tablet is used in treating moderate to severe pain. People who suffer from injury falls among other forms of injury tend to experience a lot of pain. The pills are effective in helping you manage pain easily.

Meperidine Hydrochloride

It is an effective drug used to treat moderate to severe pain. You can find it in form of oral tablet among other forms. There are also injectable which are available in the market. When you suffer from pain, life becomes unbearable. There are many things you will not be able to do. It will be very hard to go on with your daily routine. The applications of the opioid drugs play a great role in allowing you manage the pain easily.

Methadone Hydrochloride

It is available in a brand name of dlophone. The oral tablet can be applied to treat different types of chronic pain. It does not matter where you have been injured. The application of the drug plays a great role in managing their pain. It has been classified under the class of legal opioids due to its great effects in managing pain.

Morphine Sulfate

It is available for extended use as a capsule. There are also injectable available. Application of the drug in treating pain makes it among the legal opioids you can apply to manage different types of pain. It is also effective in controlling bowel movements. Morphine sulfate is effect in controlling bowel movement makes it ideal in treating diarrhea. It can be even applied to treat severe cases of diarrhea. It is available in brand names such as Kadian, Arymo ER, MorphaBond, MS Contin, Astramorph PF, Duramorph, and DepoDur.


The drug comes in generic forms where you can buy it in capsules. It comes with several brand names. If you suffer from chronic pain, then you can apply the drug for extended use in managing the pain. We at Addicts Helpline understand there are different cases where you may be subjected to chronic pain to manage the pain, the drug was formulated. It is among the group of legal opioids which you can apply to manage chronic pain. Why are legal opioids legal? You may be wondering why they are legal. The drugs are applied for medical uses hence they are categorized as legal. In most cases, you will need the prescription of a doctor before you can start using them. Managing chronic pain can be hectic. The introduction of what are legal opioids makes things easy because the drugs is powerful painkillers.