Synthetic Drugs Vs Natural Drugs

In order to remain healthy people usually take various types of medication. Sometimes they use these medicines to recover from health conditions, experienced in the past, to ensure their wellbeing whereas sometimes they take them to get rid of some ailment. In this way, taking medication has become a normal event in everyone’s life these days. But it can keep you healthy and fit if you have taken the right medication otherwise you may have to face consequences.

Two types of drugs are popularly used these days – natural herbal drugs and synthetic drugs. Some people like herbal medicines and some their synthetic alternative. Do you know the reason behind this refusal and acceptance? In this write-up, we are comparing both the drugs to know the reason for rejecting or accepting them more clearly.

Reasons to go for natural drugs

People usually rely more on natural and herbal treatments in the same way as they like to eat healthy and natural foods. The main reason for eating natural herbal food is that whatever found in that food is provided by nature without adding anything man-made in them. Moreover, the potency of natural as well as herbal drugs may not be similar to the potency of their synthetic alternatives.

Results of the studies on synthetic drugs

These days synthetic drugs are gaining popularity all over the world because their effectiveness and safety level has been proved through a number of clinical studies, during the course of their development. In this way, you can get lots of information about the usage, benefits and side effects of the synthetically manufactured drugs as well as the components used in them. So, the users of synthetic medicines feel a bit safer to use them instead of herbal and natural medicines, due to the transparency in providing complete information about them.


Synthetic drugs are considered more effective than their herbal and natural alternatives because the ingredients are included in them on the basis of their specific properties. In this way, synthetically prepared medicines are designed to treat a particular health condition or illness as compounds are included in them in right concentration. On the other hand, the effectiveness of Herbal and natural medication is suspicious as it depends on their usefulness. You cannot rely much on them due to lack of research on their ingredients. They may cause various types of side effects. For these reasons, most of the people do not like to even try them in the initial stage.

Side effects

In order to live a healthy life people usually try to avoid the consumption of harmful elements. In other words, they would like to eat less oily and fatty food to keep their cholesterol level under control or drink a lesser amount of aerated drinks to reduce the amount of sugar ingested through it. Similarly, some people do not like to take synthetic drugs as being man-made they can cause various types of side effects ranging from mild problems to death. Moreover, a medication has to influence the human body consistently. On the contrary, the side effects of natural and herbal medicines can be much less than that of synthetically manufactured medicines. Moreover, instead of using any man-made ingredient, only natural products are used in them. So herbal drugs can be safer than synthetic drugs


Though the cost of medication means a lot for the routine user you should also consider the effectiveness and risk factors of the medicine while buying it. The cost of herbal medicines can be lower than synthetic drugs due to lesser cost of processing while manufacturing them as all of their ingredients are derived from natural resources. It also reduces the chances of side effects in herbal medicines. Moreover, the cost of man-made synthetic ingredients can be much higher than the cost of herbs. Furthermore, the cost of medication can increase considerably if you have to continue synthetic drugs for a longer time period.


After comparing the pros and cons of synthetic drugs and herbal drugs it can be concluded that both the medicines have their own advantages and disadvantages. While choosing between them you will have to consider various factors including your health condition as well as your budget. So, before taking a final decision, you should consult your doctor as he can tell better about their suitability to your body.